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UK Coaching Team

Equity in Your Coaching

Promote equality and diversity by raising your awareness of equity and fairness issues in sport and physical activity

Organisations: In line with current Government restrictions UK Coaching will be happy to accept bookings now for sessions to run using the UK Coaching tutor team.

The welfare of our learners and tutors is of paramount importance to us during these difficult times. UK Coaching recognises the value coaches hold in learning in a face-to-face environment. As such, face-to-face delivery should be undertaken only with appropriate COVID-safe precautions in place and will be entirely at the risk of the partner delivering the session.

As an alternative this workshop is also available as an interactive online classroom for you to book for your coaches, or deliver under licence.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.

Coaches: If you have any questions relating to the adjustments being made to ensure COVID-safe delivery of our workshops via our partner organisations, please check directly with your workshop organiser.

While you are waiting for a face-to-face course you can learn how to develop your coaching skills further by exploring our resources bank of tips, guides and videos.

UK Coaching was formerly known as Sports Coach UK. We changed our name after expanding our support as an organisation. 

Everyone should have access to sport, regardless of gender, age, race, ability, faith or sexual orientation.

This workshop will show you the best ways to make this a reality. Your tutor will give you practical advice on how to adapt your existing skills to make your coaching sessions attractive to everyone.

You will learn how to:

  • identify and deal with any barriers to participation
  • understand the definition of sports equity and why it is important
  • use appropriate language and terminology
  • interpret the legal framework that affects coaching.

You will receive a copy of Equity in Your Coaching to guide you in your future development. The comprehensive 148-page book includes sections on:

  • What do sports equity, equal opportunities and equality mean?
  • Why is sports equity important?
  • Key issues affecting the participation of the following groups in sport and physical activity: disabled people, minority ethnic communities, women and girls, people of different ages, economically disadvantaged people, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, faith-based groups and communities
  • Use of sensitive, appropriate, relevant and consistent language for each of the groups listed above
  • Challenging inequitable behaviour
  • Putting theory into practice.

What People Think

The workshop will enable me to review all of our club policies and bring them up to date and to open up our club to be much more inclusive.

Graham Thomas, kayaking and canoeing coach

The benefits of organising the Equity in Your Coaching workshop is that we are often working with volunteers and coaches in the community to improve their knowledge of how to break barriers down for members that might potentially come to their club. Also being confident in their own ability so that anyone could walk through the door and they would know how to adjust an exercise they want to run. They also get quite a substantial resource book to go away with. We often find that is beneficial for taking back to the club, reminding and refreshing themselves what they’ve learnt on the course.

Georgie Fenton, Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Information for Organisations

Want to arrange this workshop for a group of 6 people or more?

If you have more than 6 people to train, we’ll come to you.

Tell us your preferred date and time and we will arrange for one of our tutors to deliver the session. We will help market the event too if you want us to.

Workshop fee £275 (for up to 25 learners) plus £14.99 per attendee (for the supporting resource).

E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 0845-601 3054 to organise this workshop.

If you have an in-house trainer you can deliver this workshop under licence.


3-hour workshop.

Number of learners

A minumum of 6 and a maximum of 25 people.

Delivery methord


Why should coaches attend? 'The workshop is predicated on the point that UK sport is for everyone, and unfortunately that is not the case. The average participant in sport is male, white, middle class and certain groups in our society take part less than average. There are two parts to the workshop. Essentially we are trying to look at the barriers that prevent people taking part in sport. Having identified them we try and look at how we might break them down. Then secondly, the coach themselves may be the barrier. They may be using inappropriate language for example or only be concerned with the better performers, so we spend some time on what they do to make themselves more equitable. And when unfairness strikes, what do you do about it?’ Ian Moir, UK Coaching tutor

Accompanying learning materials

Equity in Your Coaching – 148-page book for each learner to take away to deepen their knowledge or refer to.


We will do most of the hard work. We will send you the accompanying learning materials; our trainer will run the session and we will email your learners their certificates after the event. 

But here are the things you will need to do to ensure your learners have an enjoyable experience.

Book a space

A meeting room with enough space for the group to split into smaller groups (at least 12 x 12 metres). All venues must be accessible for all participants, including those who may have additional needs (eg wheelchair users). Where possible, a room with WIFI connectivity would be preferable. Please supply the login and password details to the tutor, where applicable.

Communicate with your learners and take bookings

We will market the event on our site if you want us to. But you will also need to invite your people or advertise the event through your own communications. You will need to make sure it’s easy for people to book on the event and you will need to take bookings and issue booking confirmations.

Arrange equipment

Overhead projector and screen or laptop and data projector, flip chart, paper and pens.


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Our partners put on our workshops across the UK. They will put on a workshop near to you if enough people express interest.

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sportscotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland run our workshops outside of England and advertise our workshops on their own websites.

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