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UK Coaching and Activity Alliance

Inclusive Activity Programme

This 3-hour workshop, developed in partnership with Activity Alliance, will equip you with the skills to engage disabled people and people with long-term health conditions more effectively in activities – but actually just make you a better coach!

Organisations: In line with current Government restrictions UK Coaching will be happy to accept bookings now for sessions to run using the UK Coaching tutor team.

The welfare of our learners and tutors is of paramount importance to us during these difficult times. UK Coaching recognises the value coaches hold in learning in a face-to-face environment. As such, face-to-face delivery should be undertaken only with appropriate COVID-safe precautions in place and will be entirely at the risk of the partner delivering the session.

As an alternative this workshop is also available as an interactive online classroom for you to book for your coaches, or deliver under licence.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.

Coaches: If you have any questions relating to the adjustments being made to ensure COVID-safe delivery of our workshops via our partner organisations, please check directly with your workshop organiser.

You can also choose to book directly onto the online classroom version of this workshop.

How do you currently coach disabled people and people with varying abilities in your session? We are working in partnership with Activity Alliance to help spread the word that inclusive coaching is just good coaching.

This practical course will enable you to develop your coaching skills and confidence to tailor delivery to a variety of different audiences. 

Who is the programme for?

In line with the Coaching Plan for England’s definition of coaching, the Inclusive Activity Programme targets three different audiences:

  • Coaches / traditional physical activity deliverer family 
  • Local community activators (working for example in disabled people’s organisations, community interest charities, housing sector and scout/guide groups )
  • Health and care professionals 

You will:

  • Learn about practical tools to support inclusive delivery
  • Learn about Activity Alliance’s 10 Principles and how these can be applied to increase participation 
  • Explore creative ideas to support disabled people to take part in physical activity and sport
  • Access a range of resources to support delivery of activity sessions beyond the workshop
  • Learn about local opportunities, organisations and further training both for yourself and the disabled people they support.

You will receive a copy of our Inclusive Activity Programme workbook to accompany your learning, and this 40-page resource will:

  • remind you how to adapt activity using the AIM and STEP models
  • introduce you to Activity Alliance’s Talk to Me Principles to help you drive participation and make your sessions more accessible
  • hold your own notes which you can refer to in support of your ongoing coaching development
  • provide you with further contacts for ongoing help and information.

What People Think

I attended the Inclusive Activity Programme Training workshop to broaden both my knowledge and experience of making sporting activities inclusive for people with physical, sensory and learning impairments.

IAP workshop participant, student at University of Nottingham

The Activity Alliance’s inclusivity programme provided key messages for us to consider when trying to engage with more potential Para Dressage riders, in particular the 10 principles of inclusive communication. The session has challenged our thinking about the way we approach educating and developing our coaches and officials to provide them with the confidence and tools to deliver sessions and competition opportunities for more disabled people within our sport.

IAP workshop participant, British Equestrian Federation

Information for Organisations

Want to arrange this workshop for a group of 9 to 16 people?

If you have more than 9 people to train, we’ll come to you.

If you haven’t already, you will need to register your interest directly with our partners the Activity Alliance.

Tell them your preferred date and time and we will arrange for one of our tutors to deliver the session. We will help market the event too if you want us to.

Workshop fee is £180, which includes supporting resources for up to 16 learners. Please be aware you will need to charge your learners a maximum of £20 per person to attend.

If you have an in-house trainer you can deliver this workshop under licence.



3-hour workshop – bring your trainers!

Number of Learners

Between 9 and 16 learners who are any of the following:

  • Coaches / traditional physical activity deliverer family
  • Local community activators (working for example in disabled people’s organisations, community interest charities, housing sector and scout/guide groups)
  • Health and care professionals.

Delivery Method

There are no slides, all learning is undertaken by being active, so an indoor space with enough room for your group of learners to be physically active is required. The more people you have, the larger the room will need to be. Your learners will be making up fun activities and moving around so a minimum of a badminton court-sized space is a good gauge. 

Accompanying Learning Materials

40-page learner workbook; access to UK Coaching's online platform. 


We will do most of the hard work for you. We will send you the accompanying learning materials; our trainer will run the session and we will email your learners with their certificates after the event. 

But here are the things you will need to know and do to ensure your learners have an enjoyable experience.

Book a space

Practical space the size of two badminton courts. All venues (for example fitness suite, pilates, yoga or dance hall) must be accessible for all participants, including those who may have additional needs (eg wheelchair users). Where possible, a room with WIFI connectivity would be preferable. Please supply the login and password details to the tutor, where applicable.

Communicate with your learners and take bookings

We will market the event on our site if you want us to. But you will also need to invite your people or advertise the event through your own communications. You will need to make sure it’s easy for people to book on the event and you will need to take bookings and issue booking confirmations.

Arrange equipment

Many of our tutors will already have the necessary kit to help your learners be active, but if you can provide access to an equipment cupboard or a bag of balls, that will be helpful.


If you need any more information, please contact:

  • Activity Alliance to discuss being part of the programme; as a partner by emailing [email protected] or calling: 01509 227753.
  • UK Coaching to discuss anything relating to the delivery of the workshop by emailing  [email protected] or call us on 0845-601 3054

What Organisers Think

The Inclusive Activity Programme is a great way of encouraging sports volunteers and coaches to think outside of the box. They can use their initiative when it comes to the delivery of sporting opportunities for disabled participants. I would certainly recommend this programme to other universities.

Hannah Webber, Disability Sport Officer at the University of Nottingham and workshop organiser

If you can’t find a confirmed course close enough to you please contact the Activity Alliance and they will be in contact shortly.

If you can’t find a confirmed course close enough to you please contact the Activity Alliance and they will be in contact shortly.

Our partners put on our workshops across the UK. They will put on a workshop near to you if enough people express interest. 

If you live in England, get in touch with your Active Partnership to register your interest.

sportscotlandSport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland run our workshops outside of England and advertise our workshops on their own websites.