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UK Coaching and Activity Alliance

Inclusive Activity Programme (Online Classroom)

This 2-hour Online Classroom will develop your coaching skills and confidence to adapt your sessions to ensure everyone is included in enjoyable, progressive activity

How confident do you feel, including everyone in your sessions?

We believe that inclusive coaching is just good coaching. The Inclusive Activity Programme is a unique development opportunity for sports coaches, community leaders and health and care professionals. Learn about the key principles of delivering inclusive activities and how to ensure that your sessions are fun and enjoyable for everyone!

This Online Classroom builds on our eLearning module and complements our face-to-face Inclusive Activity Programme workshops.

Who is the programme for?

The Online Classroom is for anyone who does, or could, deliver physical activity opportunities. It is particularly valuable for:

  • New or existing sport and physical activity deliverers e.g. coaches, activity providers, leaders and volunteers
  • Community groups and organisations e.g. activators working in disabled people’s user led organisations, charities, community housing and youth groups
  • Health and care staff e.g. physiotherapists, occupational therapists, care and support workers. 

The Online Classrooms are small, group sessions giving you the opportunity to interact and share ideas with other participants, as if you were together in one room. They are led by one of our expert tutors and last approximately 2 hours (exact course length varies slightly by group discussions and questions).

If you want to book a place on this online classroom or organise one for a group of 6-12 people, please email [email protected]

Through the expert tutor led, interactive, online classroom you will explore how to:

  • Use Activity Alliance’s Ten Principles to support disabled people to be more active
  • Apply the STEP tool and Activity Inclusion Model to your delivery
  • Create and adapt, progressive activities to include all individuals
  • Find more information for yourself and the people you support.

You will receive 3 month’s access to the online workbook that complements the online classroom. This resource is designed to support you to deliver inclusive activities and apply your learning.  

Following the online classroom, you will also receive a 12-month free subscription to ‘UK Coaching Club’. This platform gives you access to a huge variety of different learning and development resources and opportunities. 

Although you can access our online classroom using any mobile device, the best experience will be achieved by using a laptop or PC. Once booked, the link to your online classroom will be provided via a confirmation email you receive from UK Coaching.

You will need the following equipment:

  • Headset or a device with speakers.
  • Device with a microphone.
  • Preferably, the ability to connect directly into your router (as wifi access may drop out).

Closed/live captioning will be used during the delivery of the session. If you require any additional support to book or attend this session, please email [email protected].

Find a course date that works for you and book on.

We will be in touch to:

  1. Confirm your booking
  2. Send you a link to your session
  3. Tell you when your course certificate is ready to view on your dashboard (after your session).
  4. Invite you to activate your 12-month, free subscription to UK Coaching Club (after your session).

This session will run for around 2 hours.

You can part of a small group, so you will have a chance to discuss points and ask questions - as if you are in a face-to-face workshop.

Information for Organisations

Our Online Classroom works well for group sessions of 6-15 people. No more than this, please.

Workshop fee is £120, for up to 15 people. This price includes the tutor and certificates for all learners.

To host an online classroom, send a completed booking form to [email protected] along with a purchase order number. We will then arrange for one of our tutors to deliver the session. If three weeks’ notice is received, we can guarantee a delivery slot and tutor.

If you don’t have the online classroom booking form, please contact Activity Alliance via [email protected] / 01509 227751. 

At least 3 working days before the online classroom, we will need a list of learners full names, email address and accessibility requirements in order for us to email learners their joining instructions.

The online classroom will run for around 2 hours (exact course length varies slightly by group discussions and questions).

Learners will be part of a small group, so there will be chance to share experiences, discuss points and ask questions - as if in a face-to-face workshop.

The online classrooms are facilitated by an expert tutor and are fully interactive; involving learners in real-time activities and discussions. 

Following the online classroom, your learners will be invited via email to activate their free, 12-month subscription to the UK Coaching Club. And will also receive their certificate of attendance. 

The software used has several built-in digital accessibility features to ensure all classrooms are accessible to the widest audience possible. To discuss your accessibility requirements of additional support, please email [email protected] 

To ensure the best possible learning environment, online classrooms should not run with less than 6 learners and with a maximum of 15 per session. Any more than 15 and the quality of learning is affected.

An online classroom facilitated by a tutor and fully interactive. The learner will be involved in real-time activities and discussions.

Your learners will be provided with a free 12-month subscription to the UK Coaching learning and development platform following their successful completion of this module. This is available only for Inclusive Activity Programme learners. A link to this offer will be provided in their follow-up email, post session.

Closed/live captioning will be used during the delivery of the session. If your learner(s) require any additional support to book or attend this session, please email [email protected].