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UK Coaching Team

Understand Connect, Thrive: Knowing Your People (Online Classroom)

This online classroom will demonstrate how a commitment to taking a genuine interest in the people at your sessions is crucial to helping them thrive. £20 per coach (special pricing for September – usually £30)

You coach because you are passionate about your sport or activity and passionate about people. Do you truly know why they are at your session? Do you understand their motivations or their limitations? How do you engage in an authentic way to build strong connections with each individual?

This interactive session, delivered via Webex, will help you either develop your existing skills as a coach or create new ones, to help you identify and meet the needs of your participants, at any level of your sport or activity.

The course has been awarded 2 CPD points by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

This session will help you:

  • Notice and UNDERSTAND the needs of your people
  • CONNECT with your people better
  • Reflect on how you can help your people THRIVE

You will receive 3 months' access to an online version of this booklet that accompanies the Understand, Connect, Thrive: Knowing Your People Online Classroom.

The 40-page resource pulls together research and insight on how to better engage people taking part in sport and physical activity. It includes:

  • Activities to ignite your passion to learn.
  • Space for you to record your thinking, learning and planned actions.
  • An explanation of the PEOPLE acronym.
  • Sections on the art of noticing and observation, and advice on how to understand and connect with people.  
  • A guide to the importance of Emotional Intelligence in helping people thrive.

You can access the online classroom through your mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop. The online classroom is powered by webex. Click here to test access to Web-ex.

You will need the following equipment:

  • Headset or a device with speakers
  • Device with a microphone
  • Ability to connect directly into your router (wifi access may drop out).

Find a course date that works for you and book on.

We will be in touch to:

  1. Confirm your booking
  2. Send you a link to your session
  3. Tell you your certificate is ready to view on your dashboard (after your session).

This session will run for around 90 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the flow of the session – we don’t like to cut people off while they are learning!  

You are part of a small group so you will have a chance to discuss points and ask questions – as if you are in a face to face workshop, only you get to sit in your own chair and drink a real cuppa in your own mug and not something brown from a vending machine!

Information for Organisations

Our online classroom works well with up to 12 learners. No more than this, please.

Tell us your preferred date and time and we will arrange for one of our tutors to deliver the session via booking form. We are also running our own online sessions, the list of which can be found here (if you would rather direct your learners to another session).

Workshop fee £275 (for up to 12 learners). 

E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 0845 601 3054 to organise this workshop.

Online classroom with a max running time of 2 hours, using Webex. Delivered by an accredited and experienced UK Coaching tutor.

The learner will need strong internet access (ideally directly through their router) plus a PC/Laptop (ideally, but they can also access this using a tablet or phone), with working speaker and microphone.

A maximum of 12 learners per session. Any more than this and the quality of learning will be affected. There is no minimum number.

Online Classroom using Webex meetings. The session is fully facilitated and interactive. The learner will be involved in real-time activities and discussions.

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