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Boost your Income by Saving with Our Coach Perks Benefits

Save thousands on everything from coaching kit and equipment to lifestyle savings on shopping, meals and tech from top brands (such as Apple, Adidas, Asda, Costa, Nike and Tesco)

We know the last few years have been difficult to navigate financially for so many, and so we are committed to continuing to reinvest in coaches to help build resilience to support you.

Our coach perks scheme provides you with hundreds of ways to save money across work and lifestyle options, which will save you thousands each year.

  • Coaching discounts to help you reduce your overheads
  • Team discounts reducing the costs of kit and equipment
  • Subsidised gym membership
  • Lifestyle discounts from tech and days out, to fashion, meals out and money off your weekly shop.

How Much Could You Save?

Become a UK Coaching Club Premium Member and through Coach Perks you could save £2000 a year*.

Don't just take our word for it; check out what Coach Perks' savings calculator says the average UK household could save on everyday expenses. 

Hint: you could save twice the annual membership fee of £24 on transportation expenses alone!

Hundreds of money saving offers and discounts from big name brands will be at your fingertips...with new ways to save added every week! 






FREE to access for all UK Coaching Club Subscribers and Members.

*Based on the Office for National Statistics Household Expenditure Report 2020-2021.

**These savings are based on the average discounts across the category. In some cases, there are additional savings to be made, especially if you use Reloadable Cards, Gift Vouchers and Digital Codes on top of sale items and in store promotions.

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Plus, enjoy 12-months unlimited access to industry-leading member benefits and discounts

Join for £36 pa (just 69p a week!).

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