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I Am A Coach

Whether you're new to coaching or a seasoned campaigner, no matter who or what you're coaching, we're here to help you grow your skills and support and champion you

#Born2Coach is a movement that inspires people to become coaches and empowers those of you who already coach to enhance your abilities

Below are a host of ways you can help make this happen, as well as some valuable free resources and great offers to help you improve your coaching, learn new skills and rekindle your passion and purpose.

Get Involved

We need your help growing the pool of people ready to make a difference in others.

Here’s how you can continue to play your part in spreading the message and showing your support.

#Born2Coach Tell your Story

Share your story and be part of a massive, nationwide movement to inspire people to become coaches

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Resources to Grow Your Skills and Energise your Passion

We've picked out some cracking resources on a range of themes to re-energise your zest for coaching and empower you to develop and learn new skills.

You'll find them a great source of ideas and training hints to help you become an even better coach and deliver great coaching experiences for the people you coach.

Five Benefits of Reflective Practice

Explore the continual benefits of reflective practice and suggestions as for improving your experience


Growth, Maturation and Development: Implications for Your Practice

Professor Kevin Till identifies how you can apply your knowledge to your coaching practice in the third of three resources


How to Coach Young People When Life Changes

Learn how you can help young people deal with change and uncertainty


How Do I Adapt My Games

The second in the series on designing and adapting activities builds upon the ‘pizza base’ layer and asks coaches to consider what they need to include in the topping


Menstruation Shorts: Coaching and the Menstrual Cycle

Three types of coach behaviours in relation to the menstrual cycle that have been identified by participants


Tips for Your Athletes on Training Snacks

Advice and coaching conversation starters on the topic of healthy training snacks


Building Positive Relationships with Parents

Consider how you can build a harmonious relationship with parents and avoid unnecessary conflict with insight from Gordon MacLelland


Using Think Aloud to Develop Your Coaching Practice

Explore the benefits of using Think Aloud to develop your coaching practice and maximise your potential


Psychology Shorts: The Teenage Brain

Discover how the brain develops during the teenage years with Dr Suzanne Brown


Coach Learning Framework

Learn about the insight-based framework that helps all levels of coaches learn how to deliver great coaching experiences for all

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Free Courses that will Help you Make a Difference

By taking these free online courses, you can develop the skills necessary to take vital actions in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest while also demonstrating your dedication to the principles of duty to care.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest eLearning

Learn to be quick, be smart and restart a heart with our free life-saving digital learning toolkit that will enable you to act swiftly and effectively in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

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UK Coaching Duty to Care Digital Badge

Earn our free nationally recognised Digital Badge by demonstrating your thorough knowledge of the six pillars of Duty to Care (Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well-being, Physical Well-being, Safeguarding and Safe to Practice)

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Be Inspired

‘Great Coaching’ VIP Video Wall

Some leading figures from the world of sport and coaching share their views on the transformative benefits that great coaching can have on lives and communities


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