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Female rugby team lifting their coach on their shoulders in celebration

Become an Official Partner of UK Coaching Week 2023

UK Coaching Week 2023 is coming soon, and we’re inviting you to join the movement and help spread the word about the critical role of Duty to Care in coaching

This year we're calling on all our partners, governing bodies, Active Partnerships, clubs and those sport and physical activity organisations that recognise the pivotal role coaches play in building healthier and happier communities, to sign up and become official partners of UK Coaching Week.

Introducing the Theme of UK Coaching Week 2023

Back on 5-11 June 2023, this year's theme, ‘Duty to Care: The Foundation of Great Coaching,’ reflects the importance of coaches putting people – their safety, well-being and welfare – at the centre of their coaching practice and learning how to better care for their participants.

Duty to Care goes beyond safeguarding. It’s about providing the appropriate support and care and delivering the best environment for participants to thrive. By embracing their Duty to Care, coaches can help ensure that the people they coach enjoy a great experience that encourages lifelong participation.

The ever more critical role of Duty to Care in coaching – brought into laser focus by the publication of The Whyte Review and its recommendations to better protect participants – has further galvanised our commitment to creating safer environments for everyone involved in sport and physical activity.

We have therefore introduced a fresh new face to our Duty to Care Toolkit. The upgrade will better ensure that coaches have the up-to-date resources and support they need to fulfil this crucial duty.

The refreshed Hub, which will be launched during UK Coaching Week 2023, will highlight the importance of coaches having a detailed knowledge and understanding of the SIX PILLARS that are fundamental to delivering great coaching experiences:


Providing equality of opportunity without discrimination


Tailoring delivery to a wide range of audiences and how you engage and empower people to keep them involved

Mental Health and Well-being

Supporting psychological and emotional well-being

Physical Well-being

Encouraging physical activity, healthy habits and recovery to prevent illness and injury


Protecting people from harmful practices in sport and physical activity

Safe to Practice

Ensuring participant safety and working within the scope of practice

Why Should I Become an Official Partner?

Join the movement as an Official Partner of UK Coaching Week 2023 and help us create a culture of care.

By partnering with us in UK Coaching Week 2023 and beyond, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • demonstrate your organisation's commitment to Duty to Care by showcasing your dedication to the six pillars that underpin great coaching.
  • bring attention to the remarkable achievements of the coaching community and shine a light on the individuals who embody the Duty to Care values.
  • help spread the word about the crucial role of self-care for coaches, demonstrating your understanding that Duty to Care extends beyond the recipients of coaching. 
  • demonstrate your commitment to the health and well-being of the individuals and communities you serve.
  • empower your coaches to demonstrate their commitment to the ethos of duty to care by completing the new Duty to Care digital badge (released during UK Coaching Week 2023).
  • reach a nationwide audience to increase awareness about your organisation and your commitment to the principles of Duty to Care.
  • inspire others to follow your lead by demonstrating the importance of Duty to Care in coaching, positioning your organisation as a leader in the industry.

Rally Behind UK Coaching Week

Your support will make a significant impact.

We’re asking you to:

  1. Share the UK Coaching Week assets with your networks of athletes, coaches, clubs, and partners, encouraging them to get involved and make a difference (coming soon)

  2. Highlight the inspiring stories of your coaches who embody the values and ethos of Duty to Care and shine a light on the impact they have on their communities.
  3. Encourage your coaches to embrace Duty to Care and show their commitment to Duty to Care by completing the new Duty to Care digital badge that will be launched during UK Coaching Week.
  4. Display your organisation's UK Coaching Week Official Partner logo to show your support and demonstrate your commitment to Duty to Care.
  5. Amplify the message of UK Coaching Week by promoting its visual identity on your social media channels, and help raise awareness about the importance of Duty to Care in coaching.

Together, we can raise awareness about the critical role of Duty to Care in coaching and its impact on the health and happiness of the nation.

Are you in?

Join us today and be a part of the movement!

Team Up as an Official Partner

  1. Your organisation’s logo, with link to your website, will be prominently featured on our official UK Coaching Week campaign page
  2. You'll receive a comprehensive partner promo pack in advance of the week.

Be a part of this important initiative and help raise awareness about the critical role of Duty to Care in coaching.