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Play Their Way

Join the movement to help children realise their potential through play

At UK Coaching, we believe that sport and physical activity are vital for children's development.

We know that when children and young people have a voice, choice and can take ownership of their journey when participating in sport and physical activity, they are more likely to develop a true and lifelong love of being active.

That’s why we are excited to be delivering – in partnership with the Children’s Coaching Collaborative – the Play Their Way movement, funded by Sport England, which aims to empower coaches to adopt a child-first approach to coaching, to ensure they have the best experience possible.

Child-first coaching is an evidence-informed approach that priorities the fundamental rights of all children and young people in sport and activity.

There are three key ingredients to this approach, as underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – the rights of children and young people to: 

Voice (Be Heard)

Choice (Play)

Journey (Develop)

If we play their way, more children and young people will enjoy being active, with the potential to lead happier and healthier lives.

When you join the Play Their Way movement, you'll be welcomed into an inclusive community of coaches committed to putting the rights and motivations of children and young people first when it comes to coaching them in sport and physical activity.

Together, we have the power to shape brighter futures for children and young everywhere.

The Children’s Coaching Collaborative (CCC) is a collective of passionate, forward-thinking children’s coaches, educators, policymakers, and advocates kickstarting a child-first coaching movement that’s changing the game from the ground up. Recognising the role coaches play in enabling children’s enjoyment of physical activity, the CCC wants to create a nation of “child-first” coaches.