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ReTrain to ReTain

Funded support, resources and training built for you


Skills, training, and targeted support for 25,000 volunteer coaches and 25,000 employed coaches and fitness professionals


The ReTrain to ReTain programme has now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Resources, training, and targeted support for volunteer coaches, employed coaches, and fitness professionals working across sports and physical activity

At UK Coaching, we recognise the important work that volunteer and employed coaching workforces do in keeping the nation active. That’s why we have a range of funded support and resources available to support you.

Our funded support can help advance your knowledge, experiences, and opportunities, with the result being that you are able to deliver the very best in sports and physical activity across England.

Whether you are looking to increase your skills, advance your knowledge, or build your enthusiasm and confidence, then ReTrain to ReTain is here to help.

Everyone involved in the delivery of sports and physical activity in England can access a range of funded and free training resources to support you in your role. That includes sports coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors and many more.

About The Initiative

The ReTrain to ReTain programme, funded by Sport England, is available to all volunteer and employed coaches. It also provides further support for those who support under-represented groups.

Depending on your circumstances, UK Coaching can provide you with a range of online training courses and resources to help advance your skills and knowledge.

This includes a UK Coaching Club Subscription (usually £24 per year), which offers 12 months’ unlimited access to:

  • over 500 exclusive industry training materials, webinars, videos, toolkits, professional templates, expert guides and evidence coaching tips that will help you transform your coaching game

  • 24/7 1-2-1 professional consultations on legal, tax and counselling services

  • Coach Perks – save thousands on everything from coaching kit and equipment to lifestyle savings on shopping, meals and tech from top brands (such as Apple, Adidas, Asda, Tesco and JustEat)

  • industry leading online courses, free of charge training and exclusive members-only discounts off a series of programmes 

  • All the benefits of standard club access, including membership to our online community ConnectedCoaches and our Duty to Care Digital Badge and Sudden Cardiac Arrest eLearning course.

Apply today to see what level of funding you can access as part of the programme.

If you are a volunteer coach, you’ll need to register (for free) or login below to access UK Coaching's Eligibility Checker and complete the application process, which takes only a few seconds.

If you are an employed coach, you will be directed to CIMSPA’s website, who we’ve partnered with, along with EMD UK.

Find Out If You're Eligible

I'm a volunteer coach

Select this option if you are a volunteer coach and you will be directed to UK Coaching's Eligibility Checker

Register or login to apply

I'm a paid coach

Select this option if you are a paid coach and you will be re-directed to the ReTrain to ReTain website

Find out more

ReTrain to ReTain is part of an ambitious £5million job retention and support package for sport and physical activity, funded by Sport England through the National Lottery and involving delivery partners CIMSPA and EMD UK.

In addition to UK Coaching’s commitment to support volunteer coaches, the programme includes wide-ranging support for paid sports coaches, self-employed coaches and fitness professionals, and employers.

Visit the ReTrain to ReTain website to find out more and apply for support.