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Why We Use Cookies

We use Cookies to:

  • Make our site work as you’d expect it to
  • Help to keep your connection to our website secure
  • Remember if you've accepted our cookies notice 
  • Track how you move around the site so we can improve the way our website works in the future.



Cookies We Use

Our website uses Cookies that are built into Content Management System which is supplied by Kentico.

We also use 3rd party cookies to improve our website.  

Our Cookies


Specifies which cookies the visitor has allowed
ASP.NET_Sessionid Keeps the user session ID for security reasons
CMSCsrfCookie Stores a security token that the system uses to validate all form data submitted via POST requests.
CurrentContact Stores a unique number for the visitor for tracking anonymous activities on the website.

Third Party Cookies

Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Cookies from Google Analytics are used to gather information on how you engage with our website. This insight helps us understand user behaviour and make improvements to enhance your site experience. Google Tag Manager is employed to efficiently manage and deploy these and other tags on our website. Both tools adhere to your privacy settings, respecting the choices you make through our cookie consent tool. 

Google Ads

Our website utilises Google Ads cookies to present adverts we believe match your interests. With Google's Remarketing technology, these cookies may track your activity on our site to show personalised adverts to you about the campaign on other websites. Please note that these cookies help customise advert experiences without storing any personal information that directly identifies you to us or Google. For more details on how your data is managed, please look at Google's Privacy Policy

Google Display Network 

In our online advertising efforts, we may use the Google Display Network to show you adverts on various websites. This network uses cookies to determine your interests based on your previous visits to our site and others, allowing for adverts that are more relevant and tailored to you. The Google Display Network follows the consent preferences you've set on our website, ensuring that your privacy choices are respected in the delivery of these adverts. For further information on how Google uses your data please visit Google’s business data responsibility site.

  • ad_storage
  • analytics_storage
  • ad_user_data
  • ad_personalisation
  • functionality_storage
  • personalization_storage 
  •  security_storage


These cookies are used to speed up page load times.

  • __cfduid


We embed YouTube videos on our site. YouTube uses Cookies when you press play to track and enable better usage of its services.

  • PREF
  • use_hitbox
  • YSC

Social Media

We use social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) to communicate to individuals through a combination of paid and unpaid posts and advertisements. We use cookies to help with this process. For example, we use a Facebook pixel to identify when a UKCoaching.org visitor returns to Facebook. This allows us to serve relevant and targeted advertisements through Facebook. The pixels also allow us to measure the impact of social media advertisements (as users, who have been exposed to these advertisements, visit UKCoaching.org).

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Twitter Pixel
  • LinkedIn Pixel
  • YouTube Pixel


Your Options

You can opt-out of our cookies by turning-off the Allow Personalisation setting in My Privacy. If you turn this off, we will not know you have visited our site, and will not track your actions. Your visit will not be helping us to monitor the performance of our website for future improvements. Also, our Cookie notice will remain at the bottom of our website while you browse.

Visit Google to find out how to opt-out of YouTube and Google Analytics Cookies. Visit Google to find out how to opt-out of YouTube and Google Analytics Cookies. You can opt out of the use of Google Adwords cookies by visiting the Google Marketing Platform opt-out page or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Visit Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find out how to opt-out of their cookies.You can stop all parties from using cookies on your device by blocking Cookies through your browser. 

Visit aboutcookies to get independent advice on cookies.