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Clean Sport

Did you know…

  • Anti-doping rules apply to coaches and support staff as well as participants.
  • It's your duty as a coach to advise your participants on anti-doping matters.

Coaching the whole person means just that. You have a responsibility to develop your participants holistically and that includes understanding and applying the principles of clean sport.

Holistic Development = Whole Person + Whole Performance

Coaches strive to create and maintain environments that support and develop individuals.

This learning journey explores:

  • the topic of clean sport
  • the impact of clean sport and the regulations that apply to you and your participants
  • a range of ideas and activities to introduce and develop these in your coaching environment.

Follow the journey today to build a better understanding of clean sport, key to supporting your participants and working effectively with their support team.

Why is Clean Sport Important?

This section explains clean sport and its implications for you and the people you coach.

Five Important Messages About Anti-Doping in Five Minutes


Helping Coaches Understand Anti-Doping


Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

Creating opportunities for coaching conversations and taking the time to understand your responsibilities is crucial for participants and coaches.

The Importance of Quality Coaching Conversations in Anti-Doping


Assessing the Need, Assessing the Risk When Using Dietary Supplements


Understanding Nutrition: A Coach and Athlete's Perspective


Understanding Supplements: Dangers and Benefits


Checking Medications: Easy as A, B, C


Understanding Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)


Developing Clean Sport in Your Coaching Programme

Anti-Doping and Your Role as a Coach: What Can You Do and How Can You Do It?


Your Role in Promoting Good Nutrition


Promoting Positive Messages around Food, Weight and Shape in your Training Environment