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Understanding Athletic Development and Physical Preparation

This is one of nine themes that comprise the Coach Learning Framework.

Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Literacy

Fundamentals of Movement and the Youth Physical Development Model

Our guide to the model includes an explanation of the differences between the male and female versions


Understanding Movement Competency

Discover why, when coaching fundamental movement skills, the movement competency of children should be a key priority for coaches


Youth Physical Development Model

Consider the evidence-based Youth Physical Development Model and the implications for the development of Fundamental Movement Skills


Encouraging Fundamental Movement Skills

Find out how developing robust core movement skills in children and young people can improve performance, confidence and motivation, and reduce injury


The Importance of Coaching Fundamental Movement Skills

Consider guidance reflecting contemporary evidence and practice on how best to promote the development of movement skills


10 Benefits of Multi-skills Coaching all Coaches Should Know

Find out why developing balance, coordination and agility can pay huge dividends when working with children and young people


Foundation Skills: a Framework for Training Sessions

Enjoy advice on developing sport-specific skills and consider a framework for your training sessions developed with Head Coach James Marshall


How to RAMP it up as a Talented Athlete

Discover how you can start to plan and deliver physical development support more effectively, including through the RAMP warm up


Fundamental Activities and Games: Movement Games

Enjoy a set of movement games to mix up your sessions and enhance fundamental movement skills


Boing Kids: Using Fun Games to Coach Movement Skills

Find out about the project, which provides children's coaches with a selection of evidence-based games to improve physical literacy in children


Developing Fundamental Movement Skills in Your Sessions

Learn from a conversation with Dr James Rudd, former PE teacher and lecturer in physical literacy


Key Movement Cue Cards

Explore the Key Movement Cue Cards, which can provide you with the information you need to help your participants develop their physical literacy


Growth and Maturation

Growth, Maturation and Development: Implications for Coaches

Discover insights from Professor Kevin Till, a practising coach and talent development expert, on key considerations for coaches and your practice


Growth, Maturation and Development: Same Age, Big Differences!

Understand the impact of growth and maturation on development, and gain insight to support your athletes through their stages of development


Growth, Maturation and Development: Implications for Your Practice

Benefit from Kevin Till's experiences from applied practice and that are underpinned by research, and learn how you can apply your knowledge to your coaching practice


Male and Female Youth Physical Development Model

Learn about the contemporary model, which is based on evidence showing that youth participants are responsive to training throughout childhood and adolescence


Implications of Relative Age Effect on Performance, Participation and Development

Discover the impact of Relative Age Effect on development


Talking Talent: Relative Age Effect (Dr Jean Cote)

Learn about the relative age effect in sport and the interplay of social effects on this with Dr Jean Cote of Queen's University


Growth and Maturation in Talent Development

Listen to Professor Kevin Till discuss his research on the effect that uneven growth and development has on young athletes


Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Returning to Competition

Coaching Athletes Returning to Sport After Injury

Benefit from advice developed in partnership with James Marshall, including modifying tasks to enable injured athletes to participate


Injuries and Stress: How to Help When Players Can’t Play

Discover evidence-based strategies to use when your players experience stress as a result of sport-related injuries


How Coaches Can Help Injured Athletes Return to Play

Learn about appropriate rehabilitation tips and exercises that can be integrated into the training environment


Injured Athletes: Five Ways to Concentrate on What You Can Do

Advice for injured athletes on finding out what is possible with your injury and discovering alternative activities during recovery


Questions to Ask When Injured Athletes Return to Sport

Consider useful questions to ask when an athlete that you coach returns to sport following an injury


Serious Player Injuries: Strategies for Managing Your Reaction

Learn how to manage feelings of guilt relating to player injuries, such as by using 'responsibility boundaries' and fact-based reflection


Coach Learning Framework

The Coach Learning Framework has been created to help you design memorable and engaging great coaching experiences that meet the needs of all your participants, regardless of your sport or physical activity.

Understanding Athletic Development and Physical Preparation is one of nine themes that comprise this insight-based framework.

Continue your journey through the framework to learn more about the other eight themes and the key attributes of high-quality coaching environments, and how you can demonstrate the skills, qualities and behaviours that will empower the people you coach to achieve their personal goals.