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Duty to Care: Diversity

By promoting diversity and equality in your coaching practice, you can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and feel valued, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, age, perceived ability or sexual orientation

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Below you will find essential resources, workshops and online courses covering the Diversity pillar of Duty to Care.

Our comprehensive suite of learning aims to galvanise the coaching sector to fulfil its obligations around the education and provision of the six pillars of Duty to Care.

Key Resources


Identify the challenges and solutions related to creating a more diverse coaching workforce. Our Guide explains what diversity is, examines the impact of unconscious bias, and reveals the far-reaching benefits of diversity in sport, physical activity and coaching. 

Where is the Line? Action Replay



A guided discussion on selected clips from the 20-minute ‘Where is the Line?’ film that centre on diversity. Watch the replays and work through key learning points. The guide contains a downloadable action planner that can be printed or completed digitally, to enable you to take away key learning and notes and use them within your coaching environment.

Upgrade to Premium Membership of UK Coaching Club to access a more dynamic 'Where is the Line?' guided reflection experience which uses the voice of industry experts to guide your learning and simulate a trainer-led session.

Virtual Q&A Experience



Join double Olympic gold-medallist Dame Kelly Holmes DBE MBE in our virtual Q&A. Dame Kelly will respond to your questions on the topic of Diversity.

Have a front-row seat in the conversation with Dame Kelly in this immersive and interactive experience featuring the authentic voice of one of our best-loved sporting icons.





Beyond the Activity: Your Duty to Care



An introduction to the Duty to Care Hub, providing valuable insights into the six new pillars of Duty to Care.

Hosted by UK Coaching’s Head of Coaching and Policy Heather Douglas, discover how the latest in learning technology and host of new courses and resources can help you put Duty to Care at the heart of your coaching practice.

Tackling Racism in Sport



Hosted by Ladi Ajayi, this webinar explores how to create supportive and accepting environments for all. Learn practical strategies to help you promote safe spaces in which the people you coach can thrive.

This will help you to not only tackle barriers to participation but also to support diversity in sport and physical activity.





Continue your learning journey

Handpicked resources on the theme of Diversity that will help you develop your learning around this pillar of duty to care




Understanding Unconscious Bias

Insight into the different varieties of unconscious bias, which is influenced by our background, cultural environment, personal experiences and societal stereotypes. Recognising our capacity to be affected by it is the first step to overcoming it




Looking at Diversity Through the Lens of Unconscious Bias

Former UK Coaching Disability Coach of the Year Anna Jackson and UK Coaching Development Lead Liz Burkinshaw with a guide to understanding the concept of unconscious bias to enable organisations to work towards developing a more inclusive coaching culture




We Must Understand the People We Coach

Liz Burkinshaw caught up with UK Coaching’s Workforce Development Officer Esther Jones to find out how she applies a person-centred approach to her coaching. Her insights include establishing a supportive environment and ensuring that the people she coaches have autonomy




Principles of Great Coaching: Person Centred

To ensure that your coaching is person centred, take the time to reflect on your experiences and ask yourself key questions. This is crucial, because it is when we prioritise the individual in front of us that we can maximise the positive impact of the coaching experience




Growth, Maturation and Development: Implications for Your Practice

Professor Kevin Till, a practising coach and talent development expert who has worked in football, cricket, rugby league and rugby union for over 15 years, shares his insight and experience on growth, maturation and development. In the third of three resources, Kevin shares his experiences from applied practice and that are underpinned by research, and identifies how you can apply your knowledge to your coaching practice




Learning IN Development with Mark O’Sullivan

In this podcast, Mark O'Sullivan (Head of Youth Development for under 8-12 year olds at AIK Ungdomsfotbolls) discusses his work in youth development at AIK as well as his PhD research with UK Coaching Senior Coach Developer Marianne Davies




Relative Age Effect (Dr Jean Cote)

Dr Jean Cote of Queen's University, Ontario, talks about the relative age effect in sport and the interplay of social effects on this




Guide to Understanding Individuals Within Your Coaching Practice

With this comprehensive guide on the Coach Learning Framework's ‘Understanding the Individual’ theme – jam-packed with practical tips, ideas, and the key points you'll need to start putting what you learn into practice – you'll learn about the crucial pillars that comprise this theme and gain an understanding of your participant's motivations, character and personality and how best to engage them in your sessions

Other resources you may be interested in...




Understanding the Role of Identity in Sport

In the first resource in this mini-series, Sport Psychologist Rebecca Chidley and UK Coaching’s Chris Chapman explore the importance of identity for people participating in sport throughout their life course

Workshops and eLearning

Breaking Down Barriers: Tackling Racism



In this 20-minute eLearning module you will explore the challenges around racism and the impact of racism. Learn how coaches can ignite the movement for change and where to get support and increase your understanding of this important topic.







Coaching People with a Visual Impairment



Grow your confidence including people with a visual impairment (VI) in your sessions and explore some of the safety considerations to ensure a fully accessible and inclusive environment for people with a VI.

Equality in Sport and Physical Activity



Sport and physical activity should be enjoyed by everyone. Understand what equality is and why we need it and learn how to create equal opportunities and experiences for all.

Gain a deeper awareness of why great people skills are an intrinsic part of being an effective coach by exploring the three core principles of understand, connect and thrive to help you develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity in your participants.

Coaching the Person in Front of You



UK Coaching, in partnership with Activity Alliance, have developed an eLearning module that is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the key principles of inclusion in sport and physical activity.

Inclusive Activity Programme eLearning