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Duty to Care: Safeguarding

Help children, young people and adults, from grass-roots through to high performance level, feel safe and protect them from harmful practice in sport and physical activity

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Below you will find essential resources, workshops and online courses covering the Safeguarding pillar of Duty to Care.

Our comprehensive suite of learning aims to galvanise the coaching sector to fulfil its obligations around the education and provision of the six pillars of Duty to Care.

Key Resources


Learn how to create a safe environment for adults and children by recognising and responding to safeguarding concerns. Improve or refresh your knowledge of safeguarding principles, policy and process. Key areas covered include position of trust, codes of conduct and risk assessments, grooming and exploitation, digital safety and your role in promoting clean sport and anti-doping.

Where is the Line? Action Replay



A guided discussion on selected clips from the 20-minute ‘Where is the Line?’ film that centre on safeguarding. Watch the replays and work through key learning points.

Upgrade to Premium Membership of UK Coaching Club to access a more dynamic 'Where is the Line?' guided reflection experience which uses the voice of industry experts to guide your learning and simulate a trainer-led session.


Beyond the Activity: Your Duty to Care



An introduction to the Duty to Care Hub, providing valuable insights into the six new pillars of Duty to Care.

Hosted by UK Coaching’s Head of Coaching and Policy Heather Douglas, discover how the latest in learning technology and host of new courses and resources can help you put Duty to Care at the heart of your coaching practice.





Time2Learn: Position of Trust: How it Affects Your Coaching




Hosted by Jude Toasland from the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), explore the impact of the position of trust legislation and developments since it was implemented last year.

Time2Learn: How and Why Coaches Should Safeguard Adults in Sport and Physical Activity




In this recording of a Time2Learn session, Emma Gibson of the Ann Craft Trust explores the importance of safeguarding when working with adults.

Safeguarding adults isn’t the same as safeguarding children: a different approach is required. It’s crucial that you have the knowledge required to safeguard adults effectively.





Continue your learning journey

Handpicked resources on the theme of Safeguarding that will help you develop your learning around this pillar of duty to care




Safeguarding Adults: Your Questions Answered

In this guide developed in partnership with the Ann Craft Trust (ACT) we explore some of the major issues that underpin the safeguarding of adults, a commitment to which is the legal and moral responsibility of all coaches.




The ‘Three Rs’ of Safeguarding Adults

UK Coaching has worked with the Ann Craft Trust to recommend coaches and providers of sport and physical activity follow this essential three-step process to safeguarding adults




Safeguarding Adults: Responding to Concerns

Register / Login to Access. It can be difficult to know what to do if you are worried about the safety or welfare of an adult you coach. Here is some advice on how to respond to safeguarding adult concerns




Safeguarding: Child-centred Coaching Practices that Support Creating a Safe Environment for All

Two of the UK’s leading children’s coaches and coach educators, Richard Cheetham MBE and Russell Earnshaw, share a range of approaches and techniques that coaches can apply to create a safe and supportive environment for young people, so that every child feels heard, understood, and valued. Speaking to UK Coaching’s Blake Richardson, the pair examine the numerous and profound benefits of developing a child-focused philosophy that puts the young person at the heart of every session




Coaches and Clean Sport

In this recording of a Time2Learn session, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the Carnegie School of Sport (Leeds Beckett University) Dr Laurie Patterson encourages you to consider your role in promoting ‘clean sport’




What Makes an Effective Communication Strategy?

Developed in partnership with Gordon MacLelland of Working With Parents in Sport, this infographic offers considerations for when and how frequently you communicate with parents and what methods will work best depending on the type of information being imparted




Crucial Conversations

Gordon MacLelland (Working With Parents in Sport) discusses with UK Coaching's Chris Chapman the importance of having the right conversations at the right time

Other resources you may be interested in...




More Than Sport: Your Role in Tackling ACEs

In this recording of a Time2learn session, Community Engagement Lead for the ACE Support Hub for Wales Laura Tranter and Clinical Psychologist for Gwent Community Psychology Debbie Mills explore the vital role of the coach in helping children and young people to thrive in the face of adversity




Encouraging Young People to Stay in Sport

Research has shown that young people will drop out of sport if their key motivations for getting involved are not met. Coaches can play a key role in making sure this doesn’t happen

eLearning Courses


In this 20-minute eLearning module you will explore the change to recent legislation, who it applies to and in what context; practical tips about how the new legislation has been successfully adopted in a variety of coaching environments; practical next steps to help find more information and encourage coaches to share across their networks.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People Renewal

Refresh and update your understanding of safeguarding at your convenience

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Safeguarding Adults (Developed with the Ann Craft Trust)

Learn how you can support and promote the welfare of adults on this online course, endorsed by CIMSPA.

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Protecting d/Deaf and Disabled Children in Sport

Learn about the different forms of abuse and additional considerations for deaf and disabled children.

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Digital Safety for Children in Sport

Recognise the opportunities and dangers of different digital communications, and how to minimise the risks to children’s safety.

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Working with Parents and Carers in Sport

Explore how parents, carers and other volunteers can make a hugely positive contribution to children's experience of sport and physical activity.

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Workshop and Online Classroom

Welfare Officer Training: Time to Listen