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Develop Your Leadership Skills to Maximise Your Potential

Whether you are a leader already or aspiring to be a leader, our leadership journey can help you achieve your goals. Leadership starts with leading yourself and progresses to leading others, and then to leading teams.

The journey takes on the key components of leadership beginning with understanding oneself, considering your impact and influence on others through connecting, understanding, motivating and helping individuals to thrive, and creating a common vision and shared direction with your teams.

Leaders are aware of and understand the underlying emotions that affect their team. They care for team members as individuals, helping them to manage their thoughts and feelings so that they can focus on maximising their potential and being the best that they can be, creating an environment when they can thrive and focus on #GreatCoaching.

Through their vision, leaders co-create a shared purpose and direction for individuals within their team, enabling interdisciplinary teams and individuals to believe in the shared values so that they can work towards a high-quality coaching experience for everyone involved.

Join the journey as you develop your knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes, and behaviours of successful leadership.

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."

Jack Welch

Emotional Intelligence: Being the Best Version of You

Discover why the ability to process emotions (emotional intelligence) is crucial in understanding how and why they arise – and managing them when they do. Key to the process is becoming self-aware


Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Coaching Ingredient

Find out why emotional intelligence is a key part of sports psychology, and how to use it to build relationships and improve performance


Emotional Intelligence: How Coaches Can Develop It

Explore strategies for developing better emotional intelligence that include practising self-awareness; understanding motivations and learning to identify emotions felt by other people

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The Importance of Emotional Awareness

Explore evidence-based insight into why you need to be aware of your emotions and how learning how to control them can benefit your players

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The Importance of Developing a Coaching Philosophy

Discover insight and advice on the  process of establishing your own personal philosophy

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Creating a Coaching Philosophy

Consider the principles that go into creating your own personal philosophy

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What is Leadership?

Consider different approaches to leadership and reflect on your own leadership behaviours

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Understanding Leadership Approaches

Discover the term that best fits your leadership approach and the impact this has on your coaching practice

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Leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders."

Tom Peters

Understanding Models of Leadership

Enhance your knowledge of models of leadership, which can improve the experience for everyone involved

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The Benefits of 'Transformational Coaching Behaviours'

Discover a series of coaching behaviours with the potential to have a transformational impact on athletes

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Selecting the Appropriate Leadership Style

Explore three popular leadership styles and discover what your current leadership approach means for your participants

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Ben Oakley: What Shapes a Sporting Champion?

Consider what it takes for athletes to achieve their full potential

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Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it."

Henry Mintzberg

Understanding How Your Leadership Approach Affects Your Choices

Understand how to find an approach that works effectively with your coaching practice and approach to learning

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Getting Your House in Order

Consider how coaches should go about assessing and making changes to a new squad or organisation

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An Introduction to Leading Change

Formulate a key strategy to ensure that everyone feels involved, heard and part of the process of change

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Leading Change: Understanding Group Dynamics in Leadership

Examine a change management curve and principles around group dynamics

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The VMOST Thinking Tool: How to Create and Action Your Vision

Learn how to action your vision using a Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics (VMOST) framework

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Managing Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Explore the importance of effective leadership and communication with other members of your coaching team

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