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Self-care and Development

Improve your knowledge of your role, potential career transitions and opportunities to develop

To prioritise self-care and development: 

  • Learn to reflect. Analysing your emotions and behaviour can help you understand why you react in specific ways. If necessary, you can then work to change that. 
  • Take time for yourself. Coach well-being is paramount, and it’s important to recognise that you have your limits and deserve a break! 
  • Consider finding a mentor. Mentoring experiences provide a great learning opportunity, which can aid your development. 
  • Identify good role models and be ready to learn from them. You may also want to consider that you could be a role model for someone else! 
  • Learn more about resilience. Developing your emotional resilience is crucial for well-being. 
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Coach Well-being: Taking Time for Yourself

Liz Burkinshaw and Jenny Coady discuss the importance of prioritising coach well-being and taking some well-deserved time for yourself

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This resource discusses process and outcome elements of reflective practice, offering suggestions for making it purposeful and effective

Strategies for Ensuring Your Mentoring Experience is Worthwhile​

Key strategies to use to facilitate mentoring experiences that have a substantial positive impact on your development and self-awareness

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