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Supporting Female Participants Through the Menopause

… for me, working out isn’t just for Christmas and New Year. It’s not just to get in the bikini. It’s to stay alive longer, and I really enjoy the way that it helps my head stay clear of negativity. It’s just a win-win in every sense."

Davina McCall

The menopause is no easy ride. 80% of women in their 50s experience symptoms including hot flushes; sleeping problems and weight gain, through to brain fog, exhaustion and night sweats, all of which can affect their activity levels and general well-being.

Understanding the women you coach

Midlife women are often ‘caught in the middle’, performing a balancing act of work, supporting their parents and their teenage children. This is ‘squeezing’ their me time and adding additional pressure to what is already a stressful stage of life.

To help with this, you can provide holistic support and guidance to build their confidence, physical health and general well-being.

Use our learning journey to develop your knowledge and understanding to confidently coach menopausal women.

What Happens During the Menopause?

Understanding the Essential Facts


Physical Activity and the Menopause

Supporting Participants Through Menopause


The Non-Negotiables for Women’s Long-Term Health


Considerations for Supporting Female Participants in Training and Exercise


Developing Your Programme to Support Menopausal Women

Busting Myths Around Exercise for Midlife Participants


Understanding the Pelvic floor and Midlife Women


Understanding Nutrition and Menopause


Providing Referral Support for Midlife Menopausal Participants


How to Ensure That Menopausal Women Get Assistance From GPs


Developing Effective Training Programmes for Midlife Female Participants