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Developing Mindsets

An Introduction to Behaviour Change

Understanding behaviour change will help you improve your coaching and people’s lives by supporting them to become and stay active

Behaviour change is simply changing how people behave, altering the way they act, or react, to help them make better choices.

Helping people to become more active is part of a coach’s role, alongside helping them to meet their goals and aspirations.

You can increase the likelihood of sustained positive behaviour change if you are able to:


Think about how you can support sustained behaviour change in your participants:

What conversations have you had with participants about helping them to get and stay physically? How can you normalise taking part in physical activity?

What strategies do you use, or could you use to nudge participants to sustained behaviour change?

How have you motivated people to get or stay active?

What strategies did you use to get them interested and engaged?

What strategies have you used to maintain and retain their interest?

How do you support participants to stay on track or get back on track in the face of challenges?

How do you promote the benefits of changed behaviour in your participants?


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