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Coach Communication in Boxing – Round 4: Focus on Body Language

Infographics created from research developed in partnership with Amanda Coulson at Boxing England and Dr Kieran File at Warwick University to understand more about coach communication, applicable to combat sports and sports with time outs and breaks between rounds or games

Insight has identified a variety of non-verbal actions that boxing coaches regularly use during these between-round talks.

These different actions helped coaches to perform important coaching functions in ways that enabled them to:

  • save time
  • manage noisy and distracting environments.

Non-verbal actions were used to:


Think about your own non-verbal communication and ask yourself these reflective questions:

  • In your between-round talks, are you aware of the actions you frequently draw on?
  • What functions do they help you perform?
  • Are there any other non-verbal strategies you like to use?


It might be useful to talk to another coach in your environment about your non-verbal communication. They might spot something that you do that you might not be aware of.

If you can, it might be useful to have someone film you during your between-round talks.

Have a go

Try filming yourself coaching. When you watch the recording back, pay attention to the actions you frequently draw on in practice and competition. You might want to make a tally of what you see, and then reflect on why you use those actions and how they are effective.

To film yourself while coaching, all you need is a smart phone and a tripod in a position where you can see yourself.


Interested in starting from the beginning?

The first resource in this series, Coach Communication in Boxing: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble, explores the research underpinning the infographic and includes a downloadable booklet containing practical strategies to maximise the impact of your communication.

Who is this research useful for?

This research was undertaken with and intended for boxing coaches, but a lot of the information and ideas are applicable to many coaches, working at multiple levels of performance and development pathways. It is especially relevant where the sport allows natural short breaks in play, creating opportunities for coach-athlete interaction.

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