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Guidelines to Help Improve Sleep Hygiene

Three downloadable infographics developed with The Sleep Charity, containing advice on sleep hygiene recommended by Professor Jason Ellis of Northumbria University

The definitive advice on getting a good night’s sleep comes recommended by one of Britain’s top sleep gurus, Professor Jason Ellis of Northumbria University. The guidelines are aimed at increasing or maintaining good sleep health and are not for the management of sleep disorders.

Sleep health takes into account quality, quantity and timing – including its regularity – of sleep, in addition to vulnerability towards poor sleep and the impact of sleep on daytime functioning.

The wealth of studies, surveys and expert opinions have led to a lot of conflicting messages. By looking at the different advice and scientific evidence, it’s been possible to create a simple, best practice guide for achieving a healthy night’s sleep.

The guidelines are simple to follow and show how making a few changes to your routine over a 24-hour period can make a huge difference to your well-being.

They are divided into the following sections based on the time of day:

  • Morning.
  • Day.
  • Evening.
  • Night.

Take a look at the graphics in the images below, then download the entirety as a PDF using the link following the graphics.

More Content on Sleep

This is the final resource in a four-part series on sleep. The first part of the series contains insight into the factors that can influence a bad night’s sleep and how to tackle them


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