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Improving Physical Ability

Incorporating Nutrition into Competition Timelines

Developed in partnership with Registered Dietician and Performance Nutritionist Sarah Chantler, these infographics offer simple tips to help coaches support athletes on competition day with nutrition planning and an example of a competition timeline, respectively

Consider the below example of a competition timeline, developed with Registered Dietician and Performance Nutritionist Sarah Chantler. How could you introduce this with your athletes?

Encouraging your athletes to get involved can empower them to take responsibility for their own nutrition and performance.

Have you looked at a timeline activity for your athletes? You might want to try asking your athletes to create a pre-competition timeline of their own, as this can help develop their planning and organisation skills. It can also encourage them to take responsibility for their own development.

The example below is a simple timeline created by an athlete who has been asked to think holistically around their planning. You can help bring timelines to life with actionable tasks that help athletes get to grips with taking responsibility for this area of planning and development.

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