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Developing Decision Makers in Clean Sport

Chris Chapman spoke to a number of coaches from different environments about how they approach the topic of anti-doping to develop participants who make good decisions. Here are four activities you can use with your participants to help you create important coaching conversations around clean sport

Let’s get active! Each of the activities in this resource is designed to stimulate conversation and discussions with your participants around ‘clean sport’.

Remember it is important for them to talk honestly and openly about how they feel and the choices they would, could or have made. So, be inclusive with your language (‘shall we…’), show warmth, care and understanding, and acknowledge your participants’ feelings and different perspectives.

Even though conversations about clean sport can be daunting, raising awareness, accessing the need, understanding the risks, and considering the consequences are essential skills for a participant to develop as they learn to take responsibility for their own actions. And who better to help them with this than you!

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