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Improving Physical Ability Safety and Welfare

Supporting Participants Returning to Play Following Injury

Returning to physical activity and exercise following injury requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that the individual is ready physically to progress and resume the activity. Sports Physiotherapist at Regeneration Physiotherapy Group Curtis Taylor shares a handy return to play visual to guide the support you offer

Sports Physiotherapist at Regeneration Physiotherapy Group Curtis Taylor created this handy return to play visual for you to use and share with your participants and their parents/carers to ensure that when individuals return to play, it is at the correct time for them.

Often, being in a medical room and talking about unfamiliar terms can be overwhelming, and participants and their carers can forget the advice and follow up information.

Here’s a handy template for capturing the essential information, ensuring that you have it on hand in case you forget any of the details.

Share it with your participants so that they can use it as well.


Why not add it to your groups’ shared folder or website?


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