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Self-care and development

Well-being: ‘Check your Settings’

Some simple ideas for coaches to help them check the well-being of their participants

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Expert Opinion

We need to make sure we’re looking after ourselves as coaches and paying attention to our physical and mental well-being. Start with the ‘Five Ways to Well-being’

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Top tips to help you connect with others, including the people at your sessions. Positive relationships provide a great well-being boost

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Be Active

Top tips to help you be more active. Our bodies and minds are connected, and being active boosts well-being

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Notice More

Top tips to help you take better notice of how you’re feeling. Becoming more self-aware and mindful can help well-being 

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Keep Learning

Top tips to help you prioritise learning in your life – just for the sake of learning! Learning something new can convey a sense of accomplishment and boost self-confidence 

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Give Back

Top tips to encourage you to give more. Whether giving back involves volunteering or taking the time to show your appreciation, it can improve your well-being 

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