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When to Act: What are the Signposts to Poor Nutrition Behaviours?

Developed in partnership with Registered Dietician and Performance Nutritionist Sarah Chantler, this infographic highlights ‘poor’ behaviours to look out for in your athlete’s eating habits and behaviours that may affect development and performance

In this infographic, Registered Dietician and Performance Nutritionist Sarah Chantler highlights five ‘signposts’ that could indicate poor eating habits or behaviours and that can affect an athlete’s development and performance.

Often, what you observe in informal situations can be key to helping your athletes develop. If you are around your athletes when they eat, watch how they behave around food and how they approach nutrition.

If, in those instances, you see any of your athletes displaying the below signposts to poor nutrition behaviours, it might be a good idea to initiate a coaching conversation. 

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