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Why Are They Here? Understanding People and Their Motivations

An infographic depicting the importance of understanding the motivations of the people you coach, offering suggestions for how you can improve your knowledge, and explaining how this aids self-development

Understanding the people you coach is a key aspect of building a strong connection with them, which will in turn enable them to develop, grow, and thrive, making it more likely that they will keep coming back.

This infographic splits the task of understanding the motivations of the people you coach into three sections: 

  • why you need to understand their motivations
  • what actions you can take to improve your understanding
  • how this will aid your coaching practice.

As each person is different, it may be worth trying out a variety of methods while you figure out which is most effective. Keep an open mind and remember that everything you learn during this process can help you to build better relationships with everyone you coach.

Download the infographic and keep it handy to aid the continued development of your coaching practice.

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