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UK Coaching Team

UK Coaching Annual Review 2019-2020

A review of our work 2019-2020

About This Review

This review covers the period of April 2019 – March 2020 and highlights:

  • Our Vision, Belief and Purpose
    • Raising the Profile of Great Coaching
    • Collaborating with Partners
    • Person-centred Coaching
    • Our Research 
    • Better Connected, More Knowledgeable and Confident Coaches
    • Embracing Diversity
    • At the Heart of Sport and Physical Activity
    • Enabling Great Coaching through Technology 
  • Our Impact
  • Recognising Coaches' Learning Achievements 
  • Coachwise Services: A One-stop Shop
  • Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Investing in Our People
  • High Standards of Governance and Integrity
  • Financials
  • What's Ahead?

The importance of our work at UK Coaching has never been greater. The professionalism, expertise and commitment of our team give me every confidence that we can meet the considerable challenges ahead of us as we try to create a better world of sport, activity and health as we emerge from COVID-19.

Chairman Atholl Duncan

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UK Coaching Team