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UK Coaching Team

UK Coaching Diversity Action Plan

At the Board meeting on 30 November 2017, the Board approved the 2017-21 Diversity Action Plan. The Plan lists a number of short-, medium- and long-term targets around how we will embed good diversity and inclusion practice into our recruitment activities and decision making processes through: recruitment (how we will attract an increasingly diverse range of candidates); engagement (ensuring that our commitment to diversity is communicated through internal practices and externally); and progressing talent from within (a focus on developing a strong internal pipeline of diverse talent to populate decision making and other structures).

The remit of the plan was expanded to include our wider, outward-facing organisational equality priorities and actions rather than solely focussing on board diversity.

The plan was developed in conjunction with Inclusive Boards and is kept as a 'live' document, which is reviewed and updated every six months.  The updated plan is reviewed by the HR & Remuneration Committee (the board equality champion is the chair of this committee) and then shared with the board. Once viewed, the updated plan is added to our website.

Members of the board of directors at UK Coaching and staff at all levels of our organisation are fully committed to ensuring that we are a leader in placing equality and diversity at the heart of everything we do.

In February 2017, our organisation was formally recognised in this area, being awarded the Intermediate Level of UK Sport’s Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport.

Download our Diversity Action Plan.

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UK Coaching Team