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Talent and Performance Improving Physical Ability

Key Movement Cue Cards

The Key Movement Cue Cards provide coaches with the right information to help their participants develop their physical literacy through the foundation movements

Physical development involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive, and develop the fundamental movement skills of  locomotion, manipulation and stabilisation. These have been extended in the Youth Physical Development Model to include pushing, pulling, jumping, core development, unilateral and bilateral movement of the lower body, speed, and agility.

Through the use of foundation shapes and movements, a child’s physical literacy can be developed further as the coach manipulates the complexity of a task; speed of movement; complexity of the movement; number of repetitions; resistance given and the type of stimulus (prescribed, planned, reactive). 

As children develop their physical literacy the need to increase their 'Physical Movement Cornerstones' becomes greater. And so, to ensure they have the physical capacity to meet the technical, tactical and cognitive demands of their sport, they must develop the ability to, effectively adopt an athletic stance, brace, push, pull, hinge, lunge and squat. The following downloadable Key Movement Cue Cards can be a useful coaching aid to help coaches achieve the aforementioned. 

Physical Development Movement Progressions and Coach Cue Card

Additionally, the Physical Development Movement Progressions resource provides coaches with a number of physical challenges to increase the complexity of movements. And the Coach Cue Card is an easy-to-print resource, perfect for coaches as a pocket prompt and reminder. 

Physical Development Movement Progressions


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