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Organisations: Minimum Standards for Active Coaches

Core guidance for all organisations that employ or use coaches (eg governing bodies of sport, county sports partnerships, clubs, schools, local authorities and leisure centres)

The ‘Minimum Standards for Active Coaches’ have been replaced by the ‘Minimum Deployment Requirements’. You can find out more about them here

When you are taking on or using coaches in all capacities (i.e. paid and voluntary) UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) recommend adoption of these core minimum standards for active coaches.

Why are these standards important?

It's crucial that the coaches you use meet the core standards in order to:

  • raise the quality of coaching
  • ensure your coaches have the right level of coaching knowledge and skills for their role
  • help ensure your coaches are running safe sessions
  • safeguard the participants your coaches are working with
  • ensure your coaches and organisation will be insured in the event of an accident or incident.

The standards include recommendations in five areas:

  1. minimum age
  2. appropriate qualifications
  3. appropriate insurance cover
  4. safeguarding children and vulnerable groups
  5. policies and procedures.

For more information on UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) recommended training visit the 'Learn' section of this website.

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