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Children Young people Safety and Welfare

OK Guidelines

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code was devised by the Melanoma Fund. It is partnered with the Youth Sport Trust, Association for Physical Education (afPE), Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and UK Coaching, and is supported by over 100 governing bodies of sport and outdoor organisations.

Following the OK Guidelines is as much about those who work outdoors with children understanding and using sun protection, as it is about communicating the key facts to children and their parents/carers.

It is important for everyone to work together in a variety of ways to ensure that all children are protected.

Discover more about the three core elements to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code by downloading the guide below:

  1. Education
  2. Protection
  3. Leading by Example

It only takes a few incidences of sunburn to more than double a child's risk of getting melanoma in later life. 

Paediatric Dermatologist

Download the Kids Outdoor Sun Safety Code.

To get OK Accredited, visit www.oksunsafetycode.com and ensure that sun protection is built into every outdoor session this summer.

To further improve understanding of sun protection in your sessions, ask the children you coach to complete the Sun-Sorted! quiz.

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