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The Motivation and Skill Grid: an Athlete Development Tool

Activity to be completed with your athletes after watching the Talking Talent: Understanding the Who video. It can help you identify where your athletes are in relation to skill and motivation and subsequently how you can support their development

In Talking Talent: Understanding the Who, Dr Andy Abraham, Dr Julian North and Dr Kevin Till of Leeds Beckett University discuss how using bio-psycho-social theory and concepts as thinking tools can help you understand your athlete’s needs and wants. 

Once you have watched the video, use this downloadable activity to put your learning into practice. The activity involves considering your athlete’s skills and motivation and from that, you can identify how they need to develop and improve and how your coaching practice can support their progress.

How do I complete the activity?

Firstly, download and print the grids. You’ll be working on the first (the blank grid with instructions shown on page), and the second is a worked example.

Once you have the grids in front of you, it’s time to get started! Thinking about your athletes (if you work with teams, you might want to make a separate list of their names, to ensure that you don’t miss anyone out), plot them on the grids based on their current level of motivation and their current level of skill.

If you’re unsure how to start, have a read of the following examples and then take a look at the worked example on the second page of your download.

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