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Frank Dick: How Olympic Gold Medals are Made, Part 2 – Preparation

In this exclusive UK Coaching series, Frank Dick OBE draws on his vast experience as one of the country’s most pre-eminent sports coaches to offer a masterclass in how to maximise athletic potential and support athletes to achieve peak performance at the critical moment. In this second instalment, he tells Blake Richardson that coaches who fail to prepare really are preparing to fail

Coaches must prepare like they plan: meticulously. The pursuit of excellence demands microscopic focus. By way of analogy, think electronic microscope, not magnifying glass or binoculars. Quantum level attention to detail.

“The quality of your preparation is critical. You’ve got to be so vigilant about the learning environment and you should constantly be looking sideways to see what’s out there to help make sure your preparations are exceptional,” says Frank.

That means keeping your finger on the pulse of progress and being well-versed in all the new methods of doing things – cutting-edge new technologies, the latest scientific thinking and theories.

As visionary thinker T.D. Jakes puts it: “The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning, you go to school.”

Every coach will have their own coaching principles and learning methodologies that they are working to but, mindful that learning never stops, progressive, open-minded coaches will appreciate that there is always a better way of doing things just around the corner.

“That progressive CPD is so important,” adds Frank.

You have to be brutally focussed on how to make that learning happen out there, with your athletes, which means you also have to be constantly vigilant regarding the physical setting in which learning occurs.”

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