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UK Coaching Participation Team

Knowing if Your Community of Practice is Making a Difference

The next instalment of our communities of practice blog focuses on how you can evaluate one to see whether it's been useful

Informal learning is valuable in its own right. Avoid survey and evaluation forms as this changes the dynamic and expectations of the community.

Try and gather informal feedback through conversation and being present at events. The key purpose of a community of practice is to develop coaching practice so that is the main behaviour to look out for. 

You can do this by:

  • Listening. Observing. 
  • Noting down what people say. 
  • Noting how noisy the room is. Is conversation purposeful and about coaching?
  • Do coaches report the changing of their behaviours - maybe via a text message or on social media or as part of self-reflection. Do coaches report that they have tried something new?
  • Repeat attendance. Do people come back and attend regularly - 100% shouldn’t be expected but appreciated. 

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