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Prama: Tech that Delivers Fun, High-Intensity Workouts

As technology continues to influence new fitness regimes, Richard Jones assesses a new entry to the UK market: Prama by Pavigym

It looks like an enormous Twister board, plays music and has flashing lights that make users twist, turn, jump, run, crawl and sweat. You could say it's a disco, light show and gym class all rolled into one.

Welcome to the world of Prama, Pavigym's interactive system of pressure-sensitive floors and walls with integrated lighting and sound.

Established in Alicante, Spain, in 1963, Pavigym is a global name in high-tech health club flooring systems.

And according to company CEO Marcos Requena, Prama is a milestone in the world fitness market.

Does Prama represent the future of fitness?

“Prama is the model of our vision for the future of fitness,” Marcos says. “It is an interactive fitness platform developed for giving back to users the feelings of fun and intensity - without limits.”

Unlike traditional training, Prama involves little to no equipment and workouts can be done in small groups playing games and completing challenges.

As the trainer sets tasks on a computer, floor panels and pressure sensitive walls with built-in sensors light up.

The sensors then detect and record the movements during a workout, while the lights in the room change colours based upon the moods of the exercise – there are warm tones for high-intensity workouts and cool ones for winding down.

Once the client starts hitting the flashing lights on the walls and floor, the theory is that they will be having such a good time they will forget they're working out.

Prama offers fun high-intensity workouts

Make no mistake though, Prama is not just about fun.

A 45-minute high-intensity, circuit-based session works all the major muscle groups through non-stop movement, building endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility, reaction time and overall fitness, burning up to 1,000 calories.

Trainers also benefit as they are able to design each session, extract real-time performance data and focus on motivating members and ensuring correct movements.

This, of course, requires a degree of practice – a couple of days training at least – which couples with the not insignificant cost of the product. With the cost of the small, square, interactive floor looking to be over £10,000, this is likely to be an option only for larger gyms and leisure centres.

Built into any of the Prama packages though is the hi-tech software that looks to increase participants' motivation as it allows them to record individual results, run through new training modes and create challenges and competitions between users or clubs.

Nobody wants to feel bored during training, and it's always a challenge for trainers to make sure sessions are fun and interesting, as well as physically taxing.

Prama can make a 45-minute gym session fly by and in today's competitive fitness arena, its neon lights aren’t the only thing that make it stand out.

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