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A Conversation with Per Mertesacker on his Mission to Assemble an Arsenal of Top Gunners

UK Coaching Senior Coach Developer Tom Hartley spoke to former Germany World Cup winner and Arsenal Captain Per Mertesacker – now Arsenal’s Academy Manager – on his coaching philosophy and influences and his quest to create the right culture for his young players, embedding a set of values and standards that will benefit them in their careers and for the rest of their lives

I must admit, before speaking to Per and recording a podcast with him I was feeling nervous. It isn’t every day that you can speak to someone who has achieved so much in the game of football and wants to give back to the next generation of aspiring football players.

Immediately though, my mind was put at rest. Relaxed and sporting a brand-new Arsenal shirt – and fresh from commentating on the Champions League Final for German TV – speaking with him was like talking to any other person who had a genuine and authentic interest in coaching. 

A true ambassador for Arsenal FC, football and sports coaching, Per’s passion for developing great people as well as great performers shone through immediately.

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