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20 Apr 2020 47
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Behaviour Bitesize Blog: 2.1 Empowering

This series explores each of the identified coaching behaviours alongside the Principles of Great Coaching

Creating the right environment in your coaching sessions or as part of a team is essential. Achieving it is rarely the work of one individual coach, but when you can achieve an environment in which the people taking part can thrive, the benefits can be far reaching.  

It is the classic underdog story, where despite the individual abilities of the players - in the right environment - they begin to excel. Remember the Greek football team in Euro 2004 or the Japanese rugby union team at the 2019 Rugby World Cup? They thrived in their respective environments. Once you have it, the challenge becomes to maintain it. 

Parallels exist in coaching at grassroots level too. Whether it be building a work ethic for younger players, developing self-efficacy – the 'I can' attitude – or instilling confidence when trying something new, although the stakes may be different, the challenge remains the same.  

People taking part in coaching sessions have often described the behaviour of a great coach to be: 

Drawing on support from others at appropriate times to enhance the delivery of their activities or sessions.

We spoke to Steve Jackman, a level one football coach, who understands this behaviour well.  

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