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20 Apr 2020 26
Improving Physical Ability Safety and Welfare Organising and Planning

Behaviour Bitesize Blog: 2.2 Empowering

This series explores each of the identified coaching behaviours alongside the Principles of Great Coaching

As a coach, being able to create an environment in which people want to come back again and again is the ultimate aim. Creating a positive, empowering and safe social environment for everyone taking part requires a lot of work from the coach to develop this culture within any group.  

But what can we do as coaches to move in the right direction? 

Empowering people to take part in activity is not a simple task and should not be confused with the challenge of initially engaging someone. People can attend your coaching sessions week-after-week and not feel empowered, however, the rewards for you as the coach, as well as for those gaining a sense of empowerment once it is there, can be huge. 

Here are some simple coaching behaviours that can help move things in the right direction.

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