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10 May 2020 45
Supporting Specific Needs Organising and Planning

Behaviour Bitesize Blog: 3.3 Organised

This series explores each of the identified coaching behaviours alongside the Principles of Great Coaching. In this blog, Craig Blain discusses how the Activity Inclusion Model can be used in session design to help you meet the needs of everyone you coach

To keep people actively engaged and attending our sessions, a coach’s ability to remain aware of the needs of every individual, and to respond dynamically by providing differentiated activities is essential. This is one of the many complex skills that a coach delivering great coaching experiences possesses. 

Speaking to people who receive coaching, we found out that being organised is one of the key principles that great coaches build from, and it provides them with the opportunity to respond in a specific way way and deliver great coaching experiences. 

Using the Activity Inclusion Model in activity design

The Activity Inclusion Model is a highly effective tool for use in activity design. It helps to provide guidance to make design accessible and can support higher levels of engagement in activities as well as general attendance.

The Activity Inclusion Model describes four key ways (open, modified, parallel and specific) to design activities to meet the needs of different individuals or groups, effectively different ways to organise your sessions.

I wanted to bring these to life through how I have applied the Activity Inclusion Model – successfully or otherwise - through my own practice, as well as the things I have learned along the way as a running coach.

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