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Craig Blain
Developing Mindsets Safety and Welfare Organising and Planning

Behaviour Bitesize Blog: 3.4 Organised

This series explores each of the identified coaching behaviours alongside the Principles of Great Coaching. In this blog, Policy and Partnership Manager Craig Blain looks at physical and psychological safety

Organisation plays a significant role in being able to provide great coaching experiences. From the people we spoke to in exploring what coaching behaviours sat underneath the principle of Organised, safety came up time and time again.  

This can mean more than making sure people don’t hurt themselves – their physical safety – and should also include considerations made by the coach in building confidence and resilience, as part of a wider sense of psychological safety.  

Psychological safety refers to a belief that one is able to express his or her self 'without fear of negative consequences to self-image, status or career' (Khan, 1990).

In a coaching context, psychological safety has been associated with resilience (Morgan, Fletcher, & Sarkar, 2013, 2015, 2017). It is understood that in a psychologically safe environment people are more likely to try harder, take more calculated risks, be more creative and thrive.

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Craig Blain