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Rapport Building and Communicating

Behaviour Bitesize Blog: 4.2 Positive

This series explores each of the identified coaching behaviours alongside the Principles of Great Coaching. In this blog, Craig Blain discusses motivation and positivity with Grand Prix Rider and British Horse Society Professional Coach Debbie Jones, who asserts that her role as a coach is to maintain a positive learning environment

Understanding what people’s motivations are for engaging with your coaching and how to motivate them in the first place is an essential part of any coach’s toolkit. 

Further, being able to use this understanding at different times to connect with people or to provide motivational support in a way that works for them, can be the key to a strong coaching relationship.

Gamification is a growing area of motivational science that proposes the use of 'game-like conditions to engage people in a non-game context'. Originating from computer game design, the theory is used as a motivational tool for professional learning and development. 

More than setting up games or focusing everything on competition, the concept proposes creating a series of small challenges to inspire and motivate people to engage in their learning. 

This involves:

  • asking questions: challenging thinking and application of theory (such as, 'what if?')
  • setting benchmarks: using progression thresholds for people to move through (such as Level 1, 2, 3)
  • providing immediate feedback: rewarding and recognising effort, failure and successes equally
  • setting tests: replicating elements of full competition or game play. (such as a 2 vs 3 invasion game).

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