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Behaviour Bitesize Blog: 6.2 Engaging

This series explores each of the identified coaching behaviours alongside the Principles of Great Coaching. Jenny Coady, a former international basketball player and coach developer, looks at the great coaching principle of engaging from the perspective of her coaching philosophy

Engaging people in your coaching sessions is a key characteristic of great coaching. Having the ability to draw people in, leaving them inspired and enthused to want more is a skill that needs to be practised.  

However, great coaching isn’t exactly a case of the Greatest Showman™ wins. There needs to be a level of sincerity in the approach we take as coaches. Founded by your own coaching philosophy and shaped by the relationship you build over time with the people you are coaching. 

Presenting activities and sessions with genuine enthusiasm and energy is a key coaching behaviour that people recognise within someone who is providing great coaching experiences. 

We spoke to Jenny Coady, a basketball coach and coach developer for UK Coaching, to get her take on how this behaviour has had an impact on her coaching ethos. 

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