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Craig Blain
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Behaviour Bitesize Blog: 1.1 Person-centred

This series explores each of the identified coaching behaviours alongside the Principles of Great Coaching

Being person centred is an essential part of providing a great coaching experience. Physical activity and sport provide many opportunities for people to learn and grow, both inside and outside of your sessions.  

Coaching provides the opportunity to instil many things in those taking part, particularly when coaching younger people. Values of teamwork, inclusion, resilience, or caring and compassion to name a few. Depending on your coaching philosophy, the sport itself could be described as a vehicle, taking people on a journey to somewhere else. 

People taking part in coaching sessions have often described the behaviour of a great coach to be:

They take time to consider how and when to communicate with me, breaking things down into easy, understandable chunks.

Thinking broader than developing an individual’s ability to execute a skill within a game, this could also include helping those taking part to reflect and appreciate the lessons learned through our shared experiences.  

We spoke to Halima Khan, a cricket coach and founder of Opening Boundaries, an organisation which promotes sporting initiatives to campaign for gender equality and peace around the globe. Halima is extremely passionate about raising awareness and using sport as a vehicle for social change. 

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Craig Blain