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06 Apr 2020 107
Developing Mindsets Safety and Welfare Organising and Planning

Behaviour Bitesize Blog: 1.2 Person-centred

This series explores each of the identified coaching behaviours alongside the Principles of Great Coaching

Creating a person-centred experience in your sessions can be achieved in many ways. Everyone is different and being aware of what makes people unique, as well as having good self awareness, helps to achieve this.

Connecting with people as individuals 

Connections can be developed in your sessions through conversation and shared experiences or interests.

Conversations can be defined as ‘an interactive communication between people’. The ‘interactive’ part is important. Conversation is often referred to as 'the art of…' as it is a complex thing. As the tips in the graphic above suggest, being open, asking questions, listening and sharing a piece of you, all help in having great conversations and building connections.

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