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07 May 2019 90
Rapport Building and Communicating Supporting Specific Needs

Cancer: Build Your Understanding to Connect with Confidence

Reflecting on a 'Breast Cancer Now' event, Craig Blain highlights the impact that coaching can have on people living with and who have survived cancer. Crucially, coaches need to be prepared to ask questions and ready to listen

I recently attended a Breast Cancer Now event where I learnt that 1 in 2 people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. That’s quite a scary prospect and one that some people reading this blog may know too well.

It has been widely publicised that being physically active can help to reduce the likelihood of developing many long-term health conditions and diseases. This includes some cancers. Yes, being physically active on a regular basis really can be a ‘wonder drug’. This isn’t just rhetoric: being active has a profound effect on the health of our mind and body.

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