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Inactive people Improving Physical Ability

Challenge Events: An Opportunity to Encourage Positive Habits?

Often unlike traditional fitness competitions, Challenge events and Obstacle Course Races (OCR) appeal to a wider number of people. James Harrington finds out why, and discovers whether fitness professionals can use this to their advantage

Steep, muddy hills. Thigh-deep water. Tunnels, monkey bars, walls, ladders - even electrified obstacles. Challenge events and Obstacle Course Races (OCR) such as Tough Mudder are a real test of physical fitness and mental determination. What role can fitness professionals play in helping people to prepare for them?

As well as the long and exhausting –and muddy – trail run, competitors need to hone their body and mind for the series of obstacles that race organisers develop.

As such, it would be a mistake, says Steve Butters, one of the directors of Pro-Fit Personal Training, to treat these races as the end goal, the be-all reason to train in the first place. Instead, he recommends thinking of them as targets to aim for along a longer health and fitness road.

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