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Coach Logic: Using Video to Empower Players in Coaching’s Brave New World

The ability to reflect upon performance is an important part of the learning process. The Coach Logic platform aids this process by offering athletes a chance to watch themselves in action and work with their coach on what they see

Today’s coaching environment is very different to the one that athletes across all team sports would have encountered 20, 10 or even five years ago. ‘Athlete-centred’ is the focus of most coaching programmes and, at its most basic level, it recognises that athletes are individuals, each with a different style and pace of learning. 

Central to the concept is the idea of empowering athletes to shape their own development. No longer is it the norm for the coach to issue instructions to which athletes rigidly and unquestioningly adhere. Now athletes are involved in the strategy of the game, they have input into tactics, and in many teams, leadership groups have replaced the all-powerful captain. This is a democratic learning environment and the good news for athletes and coaches is that this approach leads to a deeper understanding of the game.

The Coach Logic platform

The ability to reflect upon performance is an important part of the learning process and one which the Coach Logic platform is ideally suited. By offering athletes a chance to watch themselves in action, with accompanying feedback from the coaching staff or their teammates, video technology is a powerful tool in the learning process.

Karl Stagno is Director of Hockey at Whitgift School, a pre-eminent hockey school which regularly wins national titles. He believes that “video feedback is unbelievably important. It is an essential part of the reflective process.”

For Karl, who has seen many of his players transition from school hockey players to international athletes, the ability to watch a match, highlight relevant points and then share that with his players is not just important for the team’s performance in the next game; it is an essential part of the individual athlete’s learning process.

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