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Supporting Specific Needs

Coaching People with Autism Series

In Blake Richardson's second article with British Triathlon tutor and coach Amanda Hoynes, she offers more reflections on the challenges people with autism face in a club or school setting, with simple strategies that coaches can implement to adapt their sessions and avoid potentially adverse repercussions

Public stigma associated with autism can have major implications for people on the autism spectrum who engage in sport and physical activity.

It is in a child’s best interests that their coach be informed of a diagnosis by parents, and yet making that decision on behalf of your child is often not straightforward.

Because of negative stereotypes and the risk of labelling and discrimination, it is understandable that not every parent will choose to disclose such personal information, fearing their child will be treated differently to others in the group.

In Amanda’s experience, most parents are open about their child’s autism, and can provide helpful insights to coaches. But they may not offer much information unless asked.

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