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Developing World Class Coaches With a Head for Heights

Professor Frank Dick OBE has a burning desire to develop world class coaches at every rung of the coaching ladder, so that they are fully equipped to help the people they coach “climb to the top of their personal mountains”. Blake Richardson reviews his UK Coaching Conference keynote presentation

That desire was burning bright at the 2019 UK Coaching Conference, when British Athletics’ former Director of Coaching delivered his personalised framework for developing an exceptional all-round coaching workforce.

We help our children to climb mountains, the people we coach and the people we develop to climb mountains. But we will never get them up those mountains unless we can climb up our own and be the greatest that we can be as coaches.”

Golden nuggets were in ample supply at Loughborough University, and the best thing about this Gold Rush was that there was no need to go digging for them.

It was a compelling keynote, weaving passion and personality with knowledge and wisdom, gleaned from a lifetime of personal experience and accomplishment.

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