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Discover the Wider Benefits of Using Performance Analysis

In the second of three guides, Coach Logic’s Kenneth Rae explores with Jimmy Culnane how performance analysis challenges your thinking as a coach, encourages you to consider your tactical approach and adds value to your coaching process. An additional tool in your coaching kitbag

When it comes to international hockey, there is a huge disparity between nations when it comes to funding and resources. Some teams will have a multi-disciplinary team, each with a specific role; other teams will have a coach and one member of staff who doubles up as team manager, physio, kit carrier and media liaison.

The same can be said for performance analysis. Where some national teams have state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated analysts, others will rely on borrowing video footage from their opponents or simply videoing matches that are screened on television.

Whatever analysis provision a team has, that doesn't prevent the staff and participants learning how to effectively analyse performances. 

Whether they can access clips of games straight to their smart phones or whether they are watching grainy video feedback on a television in the team room, being able to analyse (observe, reflect, adapt) both their own and the opposition’s performance is an important skill to learn in its own right.

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